Jaden and alexis dating idaho dating and personals

The 18-year-old son of Hollywood superstar Will Smith and the 21-year-old model simply 'started growing apart'.

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He created complex duelling computers and duel disks.

He even had no trouble single-handedly hacking into the mainframe of Pegasus.

He also appears in Yu Gi Oh GX, "Season Zero", the first movie and as a prominent part of the card game itself.

Seto owns Kaiba Corp, a former military contracter who now specialise in card game technology.

Whoever is the most convincing of whether their chosen character is superior ought to be who you vote for. Rules are simple - 4 rounds, with actual debating starting in round 2.

The first round is for briefly presenting the character we each choose, and for clarifying rules.At just the age of 10 he managed to get a 10,000% return on a 2% share of Kaiba Corp in just one day Kaiba's real skill, however, is in his understanding of technology.He invented much of the duelling technology and such relied upon by Alexis.Alexis was still going to school to develop her duelling skills, while Kaiba is a national and international champion.He begins the yu-gi-oh TV series as the best in the world, unlike Alexis who isn't even the best in her school.What makes a character best is itself a point of contention, not something we can define. With those formalities out of the way, let me introduce my contender.

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