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If yes, then deactivate the feature and delete the duplicate receiver.You can use Share Point Manager 2010 from codeplex to figure out how many event handlers are attached to your list It might also be related to your versioning / requirement of checking out the file within the library : this was for 2007 but still the case in 2010 Regards yes..

Or You can create Handle Event Firing class in your workflow project and use Disable All Event Firing and Enable All Event Firing before and after updates in workflow Just open the List item in the browser, click on the workflow button and look into the workflow history. But you can also use the information stated in my answer to add comments or look into the workflows.

I'm trying to do some treatement after creating an item but the treatement is done twice because in my code after creating the item, I'm updating it , so the event reciever get fired twice: first when I add the element and the second when I updated it. Get Control By Id("ACDetails ID"); item["Object"] = ACObject. PS: in the case of updating an existing Liste the item Updated is fired twice too !! For this, You need to set scope of feature = Web as well as you need to set scope in Feature.

So, in effect, the Event receiver was getting attached to my particular custom list twice, ie, from the elements file & feature activated event.

So, i just deleted the elements file of the event reveicer and it WORKED!!! You should check if your item Added event handler has not been registered twice.

I could have just removed the elements file reference from the feature, but just chose to delete the elements file in its entirety. So folks, when you create an event receiver via the Share Point tools in Visual Studio, and you REALLY don’t want it associated to every single list, remember not to be a bone head like me.

I've created an event receiver to handle the Item Added and Item Updating events on a document library in Share Point 2010.

So when I edit an entry in that list, the Item Updated-Event fires two times.

On the other lists (without any workflows) my receiver is working fine.

How can I find out if a workflow called my event receiver?

Is there a difference between a workflow which fires the event, or a user who fires the event?

BTW : This Code isn't written in the itemadded method nor in the itemupdated method, actually it's the code in a user control for a webpart development.

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