Israel dating on coins

Using the table below, locate a series of numerals, notated by a single quote (geresh) or double quote (gershayim) to the right of the left-most digit.

Typically the thousands place is omitted, but is notated by the date having two sets of quotes: the digit(s) after the right-most quote being the thousands place. To calculate the date, add all the remaining digits together, along with the thousands place.

Ariel, head curator of the coin department at the Israel Antiquities Authority, said in a statement.

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Remember, the Hebrew year will span into most of the next Gregorian year (3760 less).

There are 22 consonant letters in the Hebrew alphabet and these are also used to represent numbers. If you get a chart of the Hebrew alphabet you will be able to translate the date.

A hiker in Israel has found a rare, 2,000-year-old coin bearing the image of Emperor Augustus that is identical to one in the British Museum's collection Laurie Rimon was hiking with friends at an archeological site in the eastern Galilee when she saw a shiny object in the grass.

After realizing it was a coin, the group’s guide, Irit Zuk-Kovacsi contacted the Israel Antiquities Authority.

This step was taken so Europeans wouldn't get confused, as many of them know nothing about the rules of the Hebrew language.

The Jewish New Year falls in September or October by Christian calendar reckoning. Explore it as follows: the first two characters from the right indicating the number of years in hundreds: tav (ת, 400), plus shin (ש, 300).

Within hours, an IAA representative joined the group of hikers in the field and took possession of it.

“It was not easy parting with the coin,” Rimon said in a statement.

One of the coins found in the cave is pictured above and is thought to have been hidden by refugees during an ancient war following the death of Alexander the Great.

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