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So, I leapt, extracting myself as gracefully as possible from a marriage I never intended to leave.

This was not the turn of events I expected, especially when I considered the distinct possibility that a relationship with this new tiger of a man may never be more than a catalytic event. My tiger man moved to Peru, following a lifelong dream to live and work in the Amazonian jungle.

Above all, sexual openness led me to the most unexpected place of all: A deep investment and belief in intimate monogamy as a spiritual path.

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Now, almost three years later, the future that has unfolded still surprises me every day.

My Tiger and I eventually married (three times, just for good measure), laying down roots in a new home together after his stint in Peru. Big brother (and his dad) are genuinely excited for us.

Our future still marches out before us, cloaked in the unknown, but we face the darkness together — our wild souls knotted irrevocably and delectably into one.

Together we have built a golden life out of the ashes of what came before.

Well, except that Tiffany lives with Phillip, but also has sex with Jon and Josh.

Meanwhile, Josh also sleeps with Heather and Mae, who both hook up with Phillip (who, you'll remember, lives with Tiffany.) Isn’t millennial love fun? I saw that coming even before she texted me at p.m., 11 minutes ahead of our arranged meeting at a coffee shop on Sydenham Street: “Hey I’m running a little late but I’m on my way!

I followed my curiosity into what would become one of the most surprising experiences in my life.

The wild calls to us like a far-off wolf pack and most of us have forgotten how to answer. We are scared of the dark forests of our own depressions and ecstasies, of anyplace untamed and free … Our wild longings often come out sideways — at least they did for me.

I moved into a small artistic apartment and started rebuilding a life of my own.

My practice husband lost his job, moved in with his dad, and we worked through how to lovingly co-parent our son amidst chaos and upheaval.

The future became murky, terrifying, and more liberating than I thought possible.

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