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Spam him with net send messages using command prompt till he goes away.: P (* Don't blame me if you actually do that and someone comes after you ;)) I'm not a hacker dude!

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Victor the Administrator of #Ko-Ro-Ba, an IRC Chat realm on irc.

Adult Chat Gor is a series of science-fiction novels written by John Norman, a word that means "Home Stone", a Counter-Earth hidden on the other side of our Sun, a primitive world in many respects but possessing certain technologies even more advanced than Earth, a world ruled by the mysterious Priest-Kings, the gods of Gor a world that tries to live in accordance with nature, a world of honor and savagery, of Castes and slaves, and of Warriors and Peasants, and so many different things.

Plus, I've been portscanning to see if I can find the person..the addresses in my internal IP scan show up as inactive, so there's probably some security measure with the router that prevends me from port scanning. Like I said..he gets us blacklisted again I'm leaving the blacklisting on untill he gets tired or his PC crashes entirely.

Like I said, I'm not a hacker, and I don't know too much about nets (yet...hopefully if I continue with my master's studies) to be any more productive.

Not every man can completely Master a woman as they do in the books, and not every woman can give all including their life to their Man, and I am so sick and tired of hearing excuses for letting slaves have their way all the time.

I have talked with so many girls that come to me and beg me to use them if for even an hour, just to experience what they crave for, wishing their own Masters would take them and use them, without asking if it's ok, or asking if that hurt, or asking please can I do this to you.

To explain fully what John Norman wished to achieve is impossible, He was a professor of philosophy and was very well versed in human psyche.

The easiest way to explain what He tried to do in this huge series of books is to show how today's society has put so many limitations on what we should and should not do, what we should feel and should not feel, what is right and what is wrong.

But the most controversial aspect of Gor is the slavery aspect of it, and not just the aspect of slavery but the most intricate aspects of when it comes down to Men being Masters and women wishing to fully submit.

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