Ipod shuffle play count not updating I n c e s t chat

All you have to do is turn the tool on in the Mighty app, plug it in to a charger and make sure it's in range of your Wi Fi connection to get the job done.

This will certainly come in handy when you're tired of hearing the same songs on your workout playlist.

I deleted all files on the i Shuffle including the hidden ones.

When introduced, in 1993 or '94, the Grado SR60 was cheap by hi-fi standards—just $69.

The early '90s were a great era for personal sound—ie, headphones.

My Windows machine was also on the latest 11version.

After upgrading the Windows machine to i Tunes 12.01, this feature stopped working.

There's also a new Stay Fresh feature as part of this update.

The tool keeps the playlists you have synced to Mighty updated automatically when you charge the player at night.

Other items included in this update are aux cable support for speakers, a low power mode for listening with a wired connection (read: better battery life) and the ability to sync individual playlists rather than everything loaded onto Mighty.

You can also now stop a sync while it's in progress and perform a factory reset of the device should the need arise.

Is it ever safe to apply an upgrade to i Tunes without worrying about a key feature not working any more?

This again happened to me for a couple of week and all of a sudden my phone decided to go through the ' Trust This Computer' question...

my home Mac hosts my main i Tunes library and was on the last version i Tunes 11.

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