Intimidating good or bad dating marriage nam relationship viet

Intimidating is usually an intentional way of acting, not an actual way of being.Unless, it is your physicality that makes you appear intimidating? And don’t get me wrong, this isn’t someone looking for geeky attention or a propped up fantasy. But “intimidating” is almost uselessly vague, especially if they keeps coming up; it covers a multitude of meanings to the point that it means everything and nothing at once.

This is not to say that incredibly beautiful women will only go for the model-handsome mind you – look at Christina Hendricks are the one making the first move, they may feel as though they will be in constant competition with other men: ones with better jobs, fatter wallets, movie-star smiles, and abs you could do laundry on.

Your instinctive response may be to play down your looks, and while this can work – there’s a reason why the “beautiful-after-all” trope exists; everyone likes the idea of the librarian who’s secretly model-gorgeous – it’s ultimately putting the responsibility on you.

Is it good or bad that people think that you appear intimidating. It's sad that these people will never get to know you due to their preconceived notions.

Maybe good if you find yourself in a scary situation.

Your value or perception is not based on other people's inability to see you for who you really are.

Do you like being considered intimidating, does this upset to you, or are you ambivalent?

A shy guy, even one who wishes women would be more assertive and take the initiative, can have a low threshold when it comes to directness and energy.

Similarly, if a man is interested in a woman who’s more in line with the idea of more traditionally feminine or lady-like behavior, he isn’t going to make for a good boyfriend for an outgoing, dominant or non-traditional lady.

Women who have nerdy interests are frequently less traditionally “feminine”.

Some were tomboys growing up and take pride in being one of the guys.

Instead, make a point of being approachable and friendly.

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