Intimidating art images

Then, use blue painter’s tape to try out placements and arrangements without covering your walls with holes. Prism Diamond by Paper Monkey Press, shown in a Minted barn wood frame 6.

• If you’re working with a large blank wall, begin with your largest piece of art and position it to the bottom and left, then work up and outward to achieve a visual balance.

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Buy a several different-size picture-frame mats and re-crop the piece however you like.

“Many artists do this themselves, so don’t feel like you’re offending the artist with your new composition,” says Rosy.

Artists make the art that galleries display; this art is evaluated by critics and purchased by collectors or by curators for museums.

Take any one of these components away, and our art world system would collapse. But the commodities they sell are not affordable by most art critics.

If you want a centered arrangement (say, if you’re hanging artwork above a sofa), place the most prominent piece at eye level in the center and work outward.

• Aim to keep the space between frames consistent—two inches on each side should work.

.“The space was so perfect for what we wanted, so we jumped in earlier than we expected,” said Stelling.

Stelling and Kelley developed a friendship through mutual friends and their volunteer work for the .

• Next, round up an assortment of frames and picture-frame mats.

[See the Resources section below for links to our favorite online shops for art and frames] • Aim to gather nearly twice as many pieces than you actually need.

Snap quick photos of each piece of art with your cellphone and print them out in color; tape each to its corresponding kraft-paper tracing.

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