Interracial dating in italy

Being in an interracial marriage, we are constantly confronted by differing language and cultural orientations.

We Filipinas are used to being treated like a princess and this could be a dangerous whim if marrying a westerner or any foreigner outside the Philippine archipelago.

What compromises are required in order to make your marriage work?

For both of us, we have to leave our comfort zones at some point.

If our mind is not open enough, we might think we are being disrespected or disregarded.

I, to be honest, struggled with this in the beginning. On the other hand, when he realizes that he has, somehow, toed the line he steps back right away. There was a saying I heard twice before marrying Francesco and it goes like this, Italian men are closer to their mother than their father of which my husband enthusiastically admits.

To meet an Italian is a dream of many women especially the Europeans not only because he’s known for being witty, noisy and naturally resourceful but also because he lives in a country of masterpieces that’s almost a paradise.

But while he admires the fine beauties from the West, he is also drawn to the family-oriented culture of the exotic beauties from the East.

Probably, my biggest challenge is when there are activities in the church that involve a family strengthening program.

Because he doesn’t go with me, I feel that I am not benefiting completely.

We can be us with each other but there are things we simply need to outgrow or leave behind in order to make the marriage work.

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