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Their names are; Margie Carranza, her 71-year-old mother, Emma Hernandez and David Perdue a white man on his way to do some early morning surfing.None of the victims who were shot in cases of mistaken identification came close to resembling Dorner nor did their vehicles.

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They also wouldn’t tell me the status of the officers, whether they were on paid administrative leave, suspended, still working etc..

LAPD spokesman said, no further information was available because they were still investigating.

Folks will also have to face the fact that Christopher Dorner is NOT Django..

In the past few days there have been discussions comparing Dorner to the fictional Django played by actor Jamie Foxx in the Quentin Tarantino movie..

He tells the other slaves they are free as he moves toward his total liberation.. Candyland aka LAPD was not burned down and police terrorism and corruption is still here..

If you really wanna make a comparison, Dorner is actually more like Shultz.

The names of the officers who shot these folks have not been released.

I called LAPD this morning and they said they had no idea when the names would come out.

The case around David Perdue also identified as ‘Dan’ in some news stories who was shot by Torrance police is even more troubling..

He was on his way to surf when he was stopped by police who ran a check on him and sent him on his way..

In other words, we don’t know if any of these 6 officers involved have a history of deadly force or abuse or if they were just hard-working folks with clean records.

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