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In addition, the Indians created their own homeland in neighborhoods like Hyde Park and Uptown that brought more cohesion to the Chicago Indian community at large, one that encompasses as many as 100 tribes.Fixico explains, "Indian people have been re-tribalized -- a key to Indian life is community values." Today, Chicago's "Urban Indians" continue to struggle to maintain their identity.Alternatively, Edgar Ortiz relocated from the Southwest and benefited from the support, both financial and educational, of the Bureau of Indian Affairs who sponsored Relocation.

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Augustine's Center for American Indians, both of which are still going strong today.

In the 1960s, Indian groups organized protests against government policies that eventually helped bring an end to Relocation.

In that year, President George Bush declared the first National American Indian Heritage Month.

In each of the four previous years, Congress had enacted legislation designating "American Indian Heritage Week." This consecutive legislation allowed for the establishment of a month-long observance.

In reality, however, most of the Indians who moved from the reservations to the city exchanged one form of poverty for another -- the city environment and resulting culture shock proved daunting to many. It became apparent to these new "Urban Indians" they would have to rely less on the U. government and more on each other if the community was to survive.

In 1954, members of the various tribes formed two support organizations: the All-Tribes American Indian Center and St.

The purpose of National American Indian Heritage Month Info/heritage/is to honor and recognize the original peoples of this land.

The theme for 2001 is "Our Children, Our Nations, Our Future." Behind the Scenes by program producer Tracy Ullman Shooting for "Chicago's Urban Indians" began on September 12th, the day after the terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D. I felt lucky that we were just shooting artifacts that day, not asking people to go in front of our cameras.

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