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If stock prices of listed peer companies fall, the unlisted ones also see erosion in value.

If the market breadth is weak, overall prices will be low. All the financials aspects are taken into consideration," says Sandip Ginodia of Abhishek Securities.

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Neeraj Kajaria, owner of Kajaria Securities and Finance, bought shares of Raunaq International, an engineering contracting firm, six months ago for Rs 150 a share. The price to a large extent depends on how a company delivers in terms of earning per share, he adds.

Now, here are a few tips to make the most out of such shares.

Further, this response expresses the Division's position on enforcement action only. 20549 Re: No-Action Request - Shelbourne Liquidating Trusts Shelbourne Properties I, Inc. If the Division of Corporation Finance concludes that it is inappropriate to handle the above request through the no-action letter process, please consider this request as an application pursuant to Section 12(h) of the Exchange Act.

It does not express any legal conclusion on the question presented. History Each of the Shelbourne Corporations began its operations in April 2001 and since that time has been engaged in the business of owning and operating income-producing properties. - Series 88 were converted into Shelbourne I, Shelbourne II and Shelbourne III, respectively. Each Liquidating Trust will operate exclusively to liquidate its remaining assets, pay its expenses and obligations and distribute cash to the holders of its beneficial interests.

If you own illiquid shares which you are not able to sell in the open market, don't worry.

Several companies, such as 3A Capital Services, Kajaria Securities and Finance and Abhishek Securities, buy such shares. Because there is no exchange for such shares, the price is arrived at by the buyer companies and is usually 40-50 per cent less than the valuation of companies in the same business that are listed.Several listed shares see volumes of only one share or 10 shares in a day, which means if you hold more than this, you cannot offload your holding. You have to negotiate since there is no fixed price," he says.Shares traded on regional stock exchanges became illiquid due to lack of trading on these exchanges after the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE) spread operations at the national level.: Investing in bonus issues Now, if a security is not listed and is illiquid, why is there a market for it? Kamal Kant Mishra, a New Delhi-based investor who buys such securities, says returns are attractive but risk is 100 per cent. Mishra says his investment in one such stock about 35 years ago has given him great returns.The stock started trading actively only after listing on the BSE.: How to deal with share market rumours Another example is Pilani Investment and Industries Corporation, an investment arm of the BK Birla group. It was changing hands at Rs 1,500 per share in off-market transactions.The stock was listed on the Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange where it was barely liquid. Several brokers who deal in non-listed securities cite OMDC as their best bet, though they had to hold the stock for a long period. "We provide a platform for people not willing to hold suspended or delisted shares," says Shah of 3A Capital.OMDC and Pilani Investment were listed on regional exchanges.

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