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So when I stop you and ask you questions, just give me your first knee jerk answer and trust the process!I know there are those books of dreams out on the market.

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Reply We work out a whole lot of fears in our sleep that we shove down in our waking, conscious reality, Rochelle. In my dream there was a tiny woman who lived in my mouth, she carried a tiny sword (I’m talking the size of polly pocket) and when I slept, she snuck out of my mouth and killed people that I knew by stabbing them in the foot with her tiny sword.

You have a whole lot of fear-full things happening in your life right now. I tried to follow her, but she always seemed to beat me to my friends houses and kill them before I could save them.

Do you have a dream that has been reoccurring, troubling you or that you just are curious about? Lets do a Dream Analysis reading and talk about the meaning of dreams…or at least YOUR dreams. i dont think hes trying to kill me but just capture me or something like theres something he wants.

——————- PLEASE NOTE: The Comments Section is for comments. im usually running in these dreams and hes usually got someone i love and hes ether killing them or something.

But I keep having a dream that he is sitting on the hospital bed talking to me and laughing then I awake up from the dream sometime laughing my self? I said I don’t even like the band that was mentioned ”but still”.

Reply Remember when we sleep, our souls work through the things that need working through. You have lots of unresolved emotional issues that get worked out in your sleep. Reply Ambrosia – feel free to come in for a reading with me about what your dream meant. I can understand why it would, but dreams never mean exactly what we see / experience IN the dream. The voice told me that the devil was going to attack me. “Either he hits me and I fall to the death or he hits at me but I dodge him. My parents were driving and it was a foggy day and she was on the left and I was on the right. Immediately a red Mack semi truck hit on the side she was sitting on. He was walking quite quickly so I asked him ”You okay babe?Two of the very most important things are the details and how you personally felt in the dream.Those are the questions I’m going to ask you about.Part One: I was in a theater (.maybe a church), and I met this teenage guy (I’m a teenage girl), and we start talking and flirting. Reply I had a dream that I was in a shopping mall, and there was a small kind of, fortune stand, and the woman that was running the stand was calling everyone to the stand that had the last two letters of their name ending in ”An” There was a man called Brian there and she was trying to find a woman with the last two letters of her name like his.After a couple minutes, I walked to the bathroom, and for some reason I put on a ”blonde” wig and walked back into the church/theater with it on. The hospital was Clark Memorial, the one I was born at. I was standing at the same stand, even though my name does not end in ”An” and another man was standing next to me.When I do dream analysis, sometimes it baffles my clients because I interrupt so much and ask such mundane questions.

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