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Anyway, lesson learnt, I won’t be texting him for a bit of casual affirmation again anytime soon.

In fact, next time I want some casual flirting, I’ll try and do it IRL, or at the very least on Skype.

A few text pervert friends (as in they love texting, not that they’re perverts in text messages … What he really means: ‘I’ve just split up with my long-term girlfriend and haven’t really gotten used to spending time on my own yet.

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The free options are rather extensive, and you can easily use the basic program without upgrading. You can also use its basic features without having to spend any money.

By paying for a VIP membership – as low as $19.95 per month – you can access additional options like member to member web cam chatting, unlimited text based messages, and the ability to add favorites to your chat screen.

Yes, it’s useful as a way of quickly conveying information or to make arrangements without the formality of a phone call, but if a bloke constantly sends me a barrage of constant messages, and replies to me straight away, and ends everything with an open question, like coffee man, then it’s a massive turn off. Or (if it’s the precursor to a blind date and we’ve never actually met yet) DOES HE HAVE A LISP?

If these constant text messages are peppered with spelling mistakes, emoticons or a cavalier use of LOL, then chances are, they won’t hear from me again.

You can convince yourself that you’re getting 90 per cent of their attention, when in reality you’re getting 10 per cent. I’ve only just seen it – weird, there must be something wrong with my phone.

Another friend says she enjoys flirty text message banter (yes, alright, I said banter, calm down), as part of the build up to a date. ; ) See above Hey – did I just have a missed call from you? Why would I be calling you at 2am on a Saturday night? Last week, when you sent the text message, he had something (someone) better to do. Since it’s not a full-screen website, Sex Messenger is discreet and easy to hide for those less-than-private settings.Seeing who is available in your area is very simple, and you’ll also get notifications when new ones join Sex Messenger.Members also have the ability to create blog entries – many use these to go into greater detail of what exactly they’re looking for.One of the most popular options for paid members is the webcam to webcam connections where you can chat real time with the users before hooking up in real life.But actually it’s the opposite of reassuring, because it creates a false sense of intimacy. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?

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