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Icelandic is one of the oldest living languages in Europe.

English and Danish are mandatory subjects in school. In fact, they welcome the opportunity - so never be shy about approaching an Icelander.

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Iceland’s location Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean just south of the Arctic Circle.

It lies about 970 kilometers west of Norway and about 287 kilometers southeast from Greenland. Frequent flights operate to Iceland from main cities in Europe and North America and many gateways are served daily.

The Icelandic Population The Icelandic population was 319.368 the first of January 2009, there are about 4 times that many sheep in Iceland.

Iceland is the least populated country in Europe (seventh in the world).

Girls born in Iceland can expect to reach 82 years of age, while boys on average reach 78 years.

In comparison, men live an average of 76 years in Norway and women live an average of 81 years.In 930 the Icelanders founded the Althingi, their supreme general assembly - the oldest parliament in the world. In 1262, Iceland became subject to Norwegian control and in 1380 came under Danish control, along with Norway.After the granting of a constitution (1874) and with an improving economy, Iceland, in 1918, finally became an independent sovereign state under a common king with Denmark.These airline carriers are all currently flying to Iceland. The History of Iceland The first people believed to have settled in Iceland were Irish monks who came in the eight century AD.They left, however, upon the arrival of pagan Norsemen, who came in 874 to seek freedom from Norway's oppressive king Harald Fairhair.Icelanders are also highly optimistic people, and should you happen to meet someone who is not positive now, he will certainly be more buoyant in the future.

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