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Just when I thought I will only have one favorite Korean Actress in the person of Lee Yo Won, when just all of the sudden, I decided to watch "Secret Garden", then saw Ha Ji Won doing the stunts and actions, my reaction was somewhat similar with Kim Joo Won when he saw her practising sword action, I was trully amazed with her.....

Most of my favorite scenes in SEGA are those Ha Ji Won action scenes.

First she rode her bicycle to run after the snatchers then fight scene followed with her beating 5 or 6 men.

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They even called each on first name basis, no sunbae hoobae or any super-polite “nim”-suffix needed. We have nothing to say than congratulations for Binnie for having found a new love life with a girlfriend.

We will wish him luck and definitely wishing for the same for our amazing yeoja, Ha Ji Won, who has been busy building her new identity as the very successful Boss Ha.

Last month, The King In Love ended, however I never wrote a final review.

Because many people have known this before me, and many of them have experienced the magic longed before I experienced it. I am so open here at Hubpages that I am a Lee Yo Won fan, and I don't intend to know more Korean stars because I have difficulty memorizing their names, though they are shorter than the usual Filipino names, the foreign sounds maybe made it hard to linger in my head.

Though beyond his own liking, it was something that even his wealth can't control..

While Gil Ra Im though a very simple woman who has nothing in mind but the action school and the car stunt that has always been a dream, she's not the typical woman who would dream of a prince to give her a wealthy life.

The list of top stars that will be presenting awards include actors Lee Byung-hun, Cha Seung-won, Ha Ji-won, Han Hyo-joo, Han Ji-min, Jang-hyuk and more. Hyun Bin was attending a party for A Twosome Place’s “White Christmas Dream” on Nov 23.

Nominees have been announced and online voting began on Oct. On the November 17 airing of ‘V’ that featured two main actors of ‘Life Risking Romance,’ Ha Ji Won said, “I want a guy I can have life risking romance with.” When asked if she had ever had a relationship that was life risking, she said, “Not yet.” She added, “I want a guy I can have life risking romance with, then I will give it my all.” The actress also stated, “If I meet a guy that I love that much, I want to travel to outer space with him. Since I was little, I wanted to become an astronaut.” Ha Ji Won spoke up about the bizarre controversy involving her character name Gil Ra Im from ‘Secret Garden‘, and President Park Geun Hye.

She is best known for her historical dramas; Damo, Hwang Joni, and Empress Ki, as well as her melodrama Somthing Happened in Bali, and her romantic comedy, Secret Garden.

Is one of South Korea's most sought after and critically acclaimed actresses.

He was good in the elevator scene, the part when he was saved by Ra im's father, and when he was not able to help him come out of the elevator. He was able to bring out the emotion of a son, though he stood firm in front of his mother that he was not going to give up Raim, after talking to his mother, he was able to show emotion of pain, hurting his mother but he had to make a choice. Jo won is a more challenging roles, for he has the most difficult acting throughout the movie.. Very effective as Arrogant, Rich, 3rd Generation Tycoon 2.

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