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' The hymn was originally written as a poem by William Blake in 1804In 1916 lyrics were added to music written by Sir Hubert Parry Jerusalem is considered to be England's most popular patriotic song Although it has never actually been adopted as the Women's Institute's official anthem, in practice it holds that position The hymn is played at medal ceremonies to celebrate an English win at the Commonwealth Games 'why would u give a welsh choir Jerusalem as a song? #BGT Why not Myfanwy, or a host of other welsh songs cld be sung in English [sic].'The youngest member of the Angelicus Celtis is 12 years old, with the group hailing from Welsh town of Llanelli, near Swansea.

The group are official Ambassadors for Cerebra, which helps children with brain conditions.

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Angelicus Celtis were formed by teacher and conductor John Williams who watched on teary-eyed as the group perform.

After he formed the group his wife Jean was sadly killed in a car crash that also left him injured.

Singer Reuben Gray won over the crowds with his original song, but Simon wasn't as easy to impress, admitting: 'I liked the story, I liked you, I didn't like the song.' Ryan Tracey was left disappointed, as whilst he broke a world record during his audition but was only able to equal the current record with his semi-final performance.

The professional balloon artist attempted to make 14 creations in 60 seconds, but under the watchful eye of Guinness Book Of Records adjudicator Vicky he only managed 13.

Fans of Britain's Got Talent know to expect the unexpected when it comes to what happens on stage.

But the audience still couldn't believe their eyes when Simon Cowell got up to chase Alesha Dixon with a microphone as she tried to hula-hoop for fans.Alesha beamed as she said: 'You're never too old to do what you want to do,' as Amanda remarked: 'You're my favourites of the night, of the week!' David cheekily remarked: 'I kept thinking it would be like if Simon and Louis Walsh had an act'.David summed up the act by announcing: 'If you like an act dancing around with animal heads you'll love it!Kids will love it', whilst Alesha added: 'You mean business, great way to open the show.' The Hoop Guy had the judges in stitches with his hula hooping act, with Amanda quipping: 'I've never seen such a massive hoop on a guy. ' He didn't just win over the judges, but their children, with Simon revealing: 'Eric started singing the hoop song back to me so you've started a lot of issues in my house.' Alesha wasn't impressed, however, pressing her buzzer after he embarrassed her by sampling one of her tracks in the act.But things started to descend when Simon - who was trying to get Alesha to sing at the same time - began chasing her around the stage with a microphone in his hand.

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