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The decorations on each item appear to be hand-painted. M.: There is some controversy about when the Homer Laughlin Co. Some claim the predecessor to this now-well-known firm came into being in 1869 when Homer Laughlin formed a partnership with Nathaniel Simms in East Liverpool, Ohio.

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Homer Laughlin Country Strawberry was one of the Homestead line from the late 1970s/early 1980s.

It features a tan background with brown flecks throughout.

This body was used on four different shapes — "Nautilus," "Swing," "Theme" and "Georgian." Pieces with the "Eggshell Georgian" shape did not appear until 1940, and they were all decorated with transfer-printed — not hand painted — designs in various patterns. Homer Laughlin had been dating its products since about 1900, and the code "F43K5" signifies that pieces with this designation were made in June 1943 in Laughlin's plant No. The K41N5 indicates that the pieces were made in November 1941 in plant No. Therefore, all these dishes are approximately 55 to 56 years old.

Determining values for this type of dinnerware can be tricky.

In 2010 the company merged with Hall China Company.

The Homer Laughlin Country Sage pattern was part of their Homestead Line produced in the late 1970s/early 1980s.

Homer Laughlin's Fiesta in the cobalt blue color is one of the later colors dating from the mid-1970s to the present.

It of course was inspired by the popularity of the original Fiesta pattern of the 1950s which also included a cobalt blue color.

Those in the collection were gathered from a variety of excavations that include Old Sacramento SHP, Old Town San Diego SHP, Monterey SHP, Sonoma SHP and Fort Ross SHP.

The majority of ceramics originated in England and the United States; however, a few originate from France, Germany and Russia.

One of the company's more successful patterns was Fiesta which the company began producing in 1936, discontinued in 1973 and then reintroduced in 1986 with a greater variety of colors.

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