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Eventually, I gathered some strength and went to prom, high school graduation and all of the graduation parties. Our STI tests came back negative, but we were told to come back two weeks later for the HIV test results. I was sat down privately in a room, and I knew something was not quite right when a staff member came in with a folder. Afterward, I was scared of going to my first doctor’s appointment and starting treatment.

My hands were cold, my heart was beating fast and my eyes were staring at the folder. My case manager quickly equipped me with accurate information, explained the treatment guidelines and helped me deal with my many concerns.

My first five years in Chicago were hard—and the worst years of my life.

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After all this time, I found a place I could build friendships, but had no idea how to share my self-discovery with them.

Latino families aren’t always the best when discussing “taboo” subjects, such as sex or homosexuality.

I learned what the virus was and the societal stress that comes with being HIV-positive.

For the first few months I didn’t participate in the support groups.

As a 10-year-old, how was I supposed to know what was going on?

I remember being mad at my parents because I was leaving my friends and school.

Although we made it to this land of opportunity, I was miserable and depressed.

I also couldn’t speak to my parents about how I felt because they were working 40-60 hour weeks, saving all their money to pay the migration debt. Still feeling lost in high school, I started looking for a sense of community and acceptance and found it by joining my school’s Heartland Alliance AIDS Ride Team.

They sat down next to me and, with a calm voice, informed me I tested positive. I’m not saying that my circumstances were the hardest or most unique.

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