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Some tests are rather expensive and they may still need to be repeated over time in order to confirm the diagnosis. The good news is that hepatitis B is not typically an emergency. If you are a healthy adult and are newly or acutely infected, know that your chances are good that the hepatitis B infection will go away on its own.

It is rare that you require medication to get rid of the virus, your immune system does that for you.

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It can take up to six months for our immune systems to generate antibodies and eradicate the infection in our liver.

This short-term infection is called acute hepatitis B.

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If you have a new or acute infection, even these drastic symptoms may not necessarily mean that you need any form of treatment, but you will need to be monitored with additional tests to make sure your liver is safe.

If you can’t confirm you were infected as a child, you will need to wait the six months to find out if you cleared your infection.Sexual partners and close household members should also be tested.There may be a nine-week period right after infection when they may not test positive for HBs Ag even if they have been infected.Met een prijs van 49.034,95 euro is deze uitgave het meest exclusieve boek dat in 2017 verschijnt.Bijna vijftig jaar woont Paul Krüzen met zijn vader in een spookboerderij bij een grensdorp. In het bordeel raakt hij verzeild in een conflict dat hem dwingt de verscholen positie te verlaten die hij in het leven heeft gekozen.Here is an explanation of these two terms and what happens when you’re first infected with the hepatitis B virus (HBV).

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