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Bad dates are something that we've all had to deal with.

But in the wake of deadly violence at a white supremacist rally over a Robert E.

Lee statue in Charlottesville, Virginia and the toppling of a Confederate monument in Durham, the push to remove the statue has taken on new urgency.

Activists pushing for the state to take down the statues were angry and disappointed, but UNC students were frustrated on a whole other level.

Silent Sam — the Confederate monument on the quad at the UNC campus at Chapel Hill — wasn’t even on the list of statues being considered.

The meeting, with panels moderated by UNC Chancellor Carol Folt and UNC alum Frank Bruni of the New York , was designed to tout UNC system President Margaret Spellings’ vision for the university and mark the 11th anniversary of the 2006 Spellings Commission Report that was issued during her tenure as U. “I hoped that we would hear a little about this division on the UNC Board of Governors, but I knew we wouldn’t — and I knew we wouldn’t hear about Silent Sam.” Cravey, a faculty member with a long history of activism, decided to take matters into her own hands.

During Spellings’ keynote speech, Cravey wrote two hashtags on a piece of paper and raised them up from her table.

I’ve learned from following several digital humanities conferences from afar the past year (including Digital Humanties 2009 and THATcamp 2009) that the Twitter archive of a conference back-channel can be unreliable.

Twitter’s default search stream for any hashtag is extremely ephemeral, and that impermanence poses a problem for conference participants and observers, as well as future scholars, students, and journalists who might want to browse, search, extract, and data-mine what can be a rich, though niche, historical record.

Indeed, there are times when you might have had to take a difficult call - to leave the date midway or to sit through it and emerge victorious on the other side of it.

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