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“I don’t want to be that girl,” Hannah Hooper sighs, “but I kind of don’t feel like taking my sunglasses off.” Hooper and her bandmates in Grouplove, Christian Zucconi (guitar, vocals), Andrew Wessen (guitar, vocals), Sean Gadd (bass, vocals) and Ryan Rabin (drums), have been churning through interviews in the auroral corporate lounge of Atlantic Records’ midtown offices for the better part of the day and are noticeably punchy.I offer to assume my own shades and the rest of the band follows suit, all of us hiply incognito for the entirety of the interview. “Fake mustaches.” As the heartbeat of the band, Rabin hardly lives up to the scores of drum and dumber jokes that rock percussionists have long endured.It was hard to get a straight answer out of Grouplove because they’re all so intrinsically in sync that a single person’s response often turned into a collective run-on sentence — a verbal game of ping pong where one fleeting word could spark a breathless backhand and finish in a different court entirely.

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This becomes inherently clear as Andrew chides Hannah for her in-ear monitor sound descriptions.

“She’s like, ‘I’m in a pool, under the couch, down a hall,” he laughs. ” Ryan chimes in with a high-pitched imitation, “It feels like the drums are purple in my face!

They just finished work on a full album to be released sometime at the end of the summer.

The band played a sold out co-headlining spot with Foster The People at Lee's Palace earlier this month, and I spoke with lead singer Christian Zucconi before the show about fate, art and feathers.

Sticky: I want to know a little history about yourself before the band, since there's a lot of material that talks about how you met in Greece and what happened after that. I did believe in it before, I just never experienced it so powerfully as this.

CZ: I was playing in another band in New York City called Aloke. (I don't) know what it was, we just never really got it out to the world; we just recorded it and played shows and weren't really striving to send it out to labels. Since we've met it's just been a non-stop crazy roller-coaster ride. Sticky: What were some of the things that brought you together with the rest of the band? In Greece, every night or every day, wherever we were hanging out, a lot of guitars would be around and we would share the guitars and pass them around.

Shortly thereafter in 2010, they were whisked away to the road, opening for Florence and the Machine and Joy Formidable on opposite coasts.

In 2011, they co-headlined a national tour with Foster the People and scored spots at big-name festivals like Lollapalooza and Glastonbury.

Members Christian Zucconi and Hannah Hooper had a fateful meeting at a club in Manhattan, and shortly after, Hooper invited Zucconi to accompany her to Greece for an art residency where they met band mates Sean Gadd, Ryan Rabin and Andrew Wessen.

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