Hacking online dating

Anyone who has used online dating sites complains about how much time it takes to message people.

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Adult speed dating no credit card required - Hacking online dating

This appears to be a godsend for busy people who want to avoid wasting time within the matrix of online dating, but it does creates additional problems down the funnel.

Tinder and Hinge help you throw more darts at more targets, but it’s not clear that you are more likely to hit the target with any one dart.

Melbourne man Gerard Prescott turned to a private investigator earlier this year after losing $260,000 through an online dating scam."For the last 12 months all I've done is look for answers" he said."I got a private investigator to find the IP addresses, and I found an IP address in Nigeria and one in South Africa."Mr Prescott was tricked into sending the money after meeting who he thought was a Brisbane-based woman on a Christian dating website late last year.

Mr Prescott originally reported the fraud to the Federal Government's Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Authority (ACORN), but said he did not get a response until six months later."I haven't been able to get the police to do anything," he said.

However, despite this perceived time suck, the messages we exchange on online dating sites tend to be fairly shallow and surface-level. With the entrants Tinder and Hinge, the problem has gotten worse.

While e Harmony and take pains to make you fill out a long and detailed profile, Tinder and Hinge take pride in their minimalistic approach to matching.

Emotional drivers like the allure of the opposite sex, some sort of status, scarcity in general or ‘free X’ are likely the best cards to play. You get 12 hand-picked single people in one room and fun will be had.

Sure everyone was nervous at first, but after group fireball shots and some fairly physical ice-breakers, people were as friendly as ever. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. And, there were only two people who overlapped (two guys messaging the same girl). It implies that our ‘friend’ matching algorithm provided a nice mix — we had a diversity of people that ended up complimenting each other vs. Obviously at this point it is unclear if the ‘one-degree-of separation’ success is a result of Phil and Kristen’s specific (and unique) preferences or if this method could be applied more broadly to solve general matching. Oh and the icing one this whole experience was the algorithm’s gender agnostic success.

The commission used an exemption in the Freedom of Information Act that allows agencies to withhold information if they believe it could jeopardise their operations."Once a report has been submitted, the ACORN system automatically refers suitable reports to law enforcement agencies for consideration and possible investigation."Melbourne woman Anna Krien waited almost a year before receiving a response from the police after making a report to ACORN.

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