Guys to avoid dating

In his eyes, you are either virtuous or you are a slut.

Essentially, this guy will have sex with you, but he will never marry you. Because even though he wanted to, and even if he’s a man-whore, once you agree to knock boots with him, he will see you as a whore. This is the guy whose smart phone is like another appendage. It’s either in his pocket or on the table next to him.

You’ll go listen to live music, he’ll cook for you. He has cool hobbies, like, he may tinker with cars or play in a band, or write poetry. Just when things are going great is when he starts having doubts. You all of a sudden have stuff at his house, shampoo, a toothbrush, tampons.

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It doesn’t matter what it is, they could be wearing white pants after Labor Day, eating salad with their dinner fork, or driving a Prius. He’s smart, funny, good looking, and seems extremely confident. A confident man would not do or think the things Mr. He will clean up after you, maybe sighing or muttering under his breath as he does.

This guy needs to find something on which to base his entire opinion. If you moved something he would move it back to its proper place.

Instead of looking for gainful employment he’s smoking weed, playing video games and watching You Tube videos.

He never wants to go out and doesn’t have the money to do so if he did.

Think Don Draper from He’ll probably have you thinking, how can this guy be unattached? He’ll be crazy for you too – at first, no doubt about it.

Your relationship will be electric and adventurous. He’s realizing he’s spending money on you and less on his hobbies.

He wants access to your text messages, email and social media accounts.

He will criticize your for your imperfections and quirks.

Straighten up the garage, pay the bills, work on some other project he’s been wanting the time to do.

His drive was probably instilled at a young age by parents who wanted perfection.

You’ll get no quality time and you will never be a priority. His constant complaining, criticism and judgments will drain you. He’s a know-it-all that demeans people to their faces and makes jokes at their expense.

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