Gta 4 dating kate after roman dies

GTA IV catches up on the 2008 American media theme of presenting Serbians as ultimate villains (because calling the villain Achmed Raschid would cause too much butthurt whining and between massive bombing and manipulation the Serbs can't do much about it).So the main character, Niko Belic, comes to Liberty City in hopes of escaping the harsh life of his country and meet up with his rich cousin Roman.

The game was universally panned by niggers since none of them understood the plot and the controls seemed foreign because of their short term memory.

The game was praised by many dick sucking video game reviewers and 13 year old boys because they have sold their souls to adequate graphics, predictable plots and a story revolving around fags.

Actually if you don't kill him Nikko will say talk about how he shouldnt have let him go and then he just says that romans right, that nikko should just move on, and something about not necesary to get closure that way!

Heres one thing kill him you get to have hes jacket and you get a private jet and at the end roman can survive and if you kill him there will be some cash on the floor go up to it and you will have 10000000,00000000000000 dollars the jacket is realy cool and if you let him live you wont have a relation ship with bernie crane DIf you kill Draco nothing really happens except you get the mission with dimitri and same this if you don't kill him.

B: Go to the statue of Apenis A: TAKE ME THERE THEN YOU STUPID LITTLE KNOBCHEESE! A: BUT I CANT FLY A CHOPPER In order not to look like assholes who sold you the shitty half of a revamped game originally made at least 100 years ago, Rockstar announced shortly after releasing the game, that they would be developing exclusive content exclusively for the ultra-exclusive Xbox360.

This time, instead of playing with that Eastern European fuckrag, Niko, you get to plays with a white-trash, Hell's Angel spoof, with a heart of gold.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a "turning point in video game history" and unsurprisingly ended up being the most boring, unoriginal game in the series.

It features on-the-fly ragdoll physics, washed up music bands, a pixelated subway system twice as confusing as New York's, Boeing 747s that never take off or land, endless taxing on runways, unoriginal vehicles (based on IRL cars), annoying-ass characters who wont stop fucking CALLING YOU 24/7, and a fuckload of useless dialogue.

shoot him with the rocket launcher before the granade detonates and watch the fireworks =Dthere is no differance between killing him and not killing him, all that changes are niko feelings.

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