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I really like this collection of 365 different Granny Square patterns. When crocheting a granny square, you’ll start in the middle and work your way out. You will always do a ch-2 in between your clusters IN THE CORNERS.

You can find patterns for some with flowers on them, some that are basic squares and some that have spirals or other elaborate designs.

When people think of crochet, they usually think of the granny square, because it’s the quintessential crochet motif.

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Crocheters can easily change color each round, so they use it for stash busting.

It’s easy to learn and one of the first things I like to teach new crocheters.

I bought my first Clover hook about two years ago and I’m still drooling over it. If you’re not sure how to make one of those, Moogly has a nice tutorial (and I am in the process of editing my own crochet tutorial series as well.

This way you can play around with hundreds of designs and decide which you like best, but let’s start with the basic of the basic. For the classic Granny Square, you’ll only need a small piece of yarn and your favorite hook. I am now the proud owner of three Clover hooks, in the sizes I use most often. I start with a Magic Circle because, well, it’s the best.

In the next ch-2 space from the previous row: 3dc, ch-2, 2dc and join to top of first ch-2.

In the next ch-2 space from the previous row: 3dc, ch-2, 3dc.

Ch 4, sl st in in 4th ch from hook to form a ring (Figure A).

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