Graduate school dating

Cross out the labs that don’t fit your criteria and your shortlist becomes even shorter. During your meeting with a potential PI, these are the absolute must-ask questions: By now you should have a sense of the top 2-5 places you’d like to rotate in.

Remember, even this rotation should be well studied; the same conditions apply as the previous three rotations.

Your rotations are not the time to generate data or to publish; it is time to evaluate the lab, people (including the mentor), and the science. After 2 weeks, if you’re convinced that you will NOT be joining this lab, wave goodbye and move on. When it comes to the upper limit on rotation lengths, it varies from school to school.

His goal is to become a science educator, to teach the public about the wonders of science.

Sadie*, 26, had asked her boyfriend Mark to print out one of her grad school assignments at his office.

Most schools have recently introduced the idea of 8-week “half-rotations.” Take advantage of these if they are available to you because you do not need more than 8 weeks to evaluate a lab.

To make maximum use of the short rotations, ask yourself the following questions during a rotation: Unfortunately, a rotation does not always guarantee a position in a lab. You have just entered your first year of graduate school, a journey with countless ups and downs.To quote Charles Dickens: “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”.Ali is passionate about writing and teaching science.He started teaching when he was 16, and has been teaching ever since.The best way to think of rotations is like a date for a potentially (very) long-term relationship. This is a little like deciding to marry someone before the first date.

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