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More about music ‘“ goths usually listen to The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Christian Death and Dead Can Dance.

Emos express themselves in poetry such as Allen Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’.

They also make critiques based on post-punk and punk philosophy.

Head down, bangs yanked over eyes, one combat boot clomping in front of the other, I tried mightily to will myself to disappear into the night air - or at least brace for impact. " The passengers exploded into laughter and peeled off down the suburban avenue. It's just that you've started to look so...different..." I snapped back, wounded. I painted, made sculptures, wrote dreadful and lovelorn poetry, listened to the dark and bloody-voiced bands that I adored and generally bided time until my impending escape to art school.

They'd not offered any specific critique or cause for their verbal assault, but I had a sneaking suspicion that it was black lipstick I was wearing. said she saw you walking along Fort Thomas Avenue and she was worried you looked like a...a..rocker! that I was a National Merit Finalist, got a 5 on my A. English exam, had been a varsity cheerleader, am the editor of the yearbook and got into every college I applied to - with scholarships, even? Life just hurt less down there, and I felt comfortable in my own moon pale skin.

With the advent of the internet, a 15 year old girl in rural Indiana is not just scribbling verse upon verse about rose thorns and bloody tears into a journal she tucks into her backpack; she's posting them on her Livejournal for all the world to see.

She's got Goth friends - who, technically, she may never have met in person - but she's not alone.

A high-level executive assistant in midtown Manhattan sports black polish in his fingernails and a suit-wearing real estate executive in the West Village wears a heavy, silver cemetery cross ring and plays Dead Can Dance on his i Pod on the subway.

A Chicago restaurant marketing director posts Sisters of Mercy videos on his friends’ Facebook walls late on a Friday and a London internet creative uploads pictures from yes – the Goth Cruise. At its core, Goth is not about liking a particular band, the height of one's hair, rejecting sunlight and obsessing about death.

Possibly the long black skirt and black fingernails. It had not gone unremarked upon before; in fact earlier that week, my mother - generally a supporter of my right to individual weirdness - had sat me down in the kitchen for a serious talk. " I sighed and rolled my eyes, as 17 year old girls are contractually obligated to do when dealing with parental figures. It was true that I looked different on the outside than I had before, moving from pastel flowered miniskirts, jelly shoes, polo shirts and jean jackets to shredded black tights, witchy dresses, clunky boots, cross necklaces, purple-tinted hair and eyeliner galore. I was trying to match my appearance to my inner self.

I'll be downstairs." "Downstairs" was my parents' basement.

However, you cannot categorize one particular type of personality as being solely goth or emo ‘“ it still varies. Aside from an all-black ensemble, they also have black nail polish, lipstick and eyeliner.

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