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The judgment dismissed that part of the application brought against three students under s18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

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I wish I could say we can then all start again, but we can at least start a fairly decent salvaging operation.

So to go back to the quote, either Bismarck was absolutely right or the planets were lined up just exactly right, but who could have predicted any of it.

He has been a global disaster, but his eight years will be swept, as those of his kind like to say, into the dustbin of history.

There will be an ample amount of damage to clean up, some which will never be fixed, but at least come January he will be history and have no successor.

It also means that the political fights have only just begun.

And this was as improbable a victory as I have ever seen.He hits on the key issues: Climate change and neoliberalism are global issues.I knew that Governor Pence is likely to play a crucial role in the Trump presidency, but I did not know he was so antagonistic to Russia.And the big losers are not just Hillary, the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.We can also add to the cart the #Never Trumps, the #Occasionally Trumps and the Sunshine Conservatives who have revealed themselves. Watching Lateline when I came home was one of those precious experiences that for someone such as myself who almost never watches TV, gave such immense pleasure, as much as the misery on Alberici’s face.One question is how could the Democrats lose given the superiority of their ground campaign that got numbers of people to the polls?

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