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In particular she cites a concert by Anthony Braxton with giving her the confidence to perform in public.

Her first New York show was at a warehouse in Brooklyn and she has described her early New York shows as "more improvisational".

Travel, play, try to make enough money for the hotel and the Greyhound bus or whatever I needed to do.

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Critics have noted the constant evolution of Cat Power's sound, with a "mix of punk, folk and blues" on her earliest albums, and elements of soul and other genres more prevalent in her later material.

Chan (pronounced: 'Shawn') Marshall was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1972.

Marshall recorded simultaneously her first two albums Dear Sir and Myra Lee in December 1994 in a small basement studio near Mott Street in New York City, with guitarist Tim Foljahn and Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley; Marshall and Shelley had initially met after she played a show opening for Liz Phair in 1993.

In retrospect, Marshall stated that during her early career: "I never saw recording [music] as an objective because I never sold any records [...] when I started touring and playing shows, [then] I thought, 'I can play this show and make the same amount of money I would by working two or three jobs.' I could see the world and still work.

In 1996 she signed with Matador Records, and released a third album of new material with Shelley and Foljahn, What Would the Community Think.

Following this she released the critically acclaimed Moon Pix (1998), recorded with members of Dirty Three, and The Covers Record (2000), a collection of sparsely recorded cover songs.

She canceled a 2006 tour and checked herself into a hospital for what she told SPIN then was “a to drinking.” And in Steve Kandell’s not-to-be-missed SPIN profile, Marshall appeared raw and shaken from her breakup with Giovanni Ribisi.

Elsewhere in the same profile, Marshall says, “The struggle makes you better.” As grateful as we are for Cat Power’s music, we’d rather she be healthy and happy than struggling, and we’re not sure there’s necessarily a contradiction between leading a satisfied life and making great art.

Critics cited the album as evidence of her maturation as a singer and songwriter from the "dense and cathartic" material of her first two releases.

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