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, continued his remembrance of Michael, tweeting "#GM had a voice that would transport u, he was the finest singer/songwriter of his generation & has left the best of himself 4 us."#GM had a voice that would transport u, he was the finest singer/songwriter of his generation & has left the best of himself 4 us.RIP GM xx— Andrew Ridgeley (@ajridgeley) December 26, 2016Ridgeley, who has largely maintained a low profile since Wham!In the 1990s, Michael engaged in a relationship with a dress designer named Anselmo Feleppa, who had HIV. Michael’s single “Jesus to a Child” is a tribute to the designer.

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At the time of the sighting, Daily Mail reports that Michaels was denying claims that he was addicted to drugs.

On Sunday, 2016 robbed us off another living legend.

Michael is believed to have dated Goss for roughly 13 years, although it took years after the split for Michael to admit the two were no longer together.

"Kenny and I haven’t been together for two and a half years," Michael said on stage in 2011. This man has brought me a lot of joy and pain."Goss and Michael came close to a civil partnership in 2005, but ultimately delayed the ceremony. TOKYO, JAPAN - DECEMBER 15: British pop star George Michael and his partner Kenny Goss attend the Japanese Premiere of his film 'A Different Story' on December 15, 2005 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Junko Kimura/Getty Images)Shields mentioned her relationship with Michael."I thought he was a remarkable, respectful and patient gentleman who was obviously aware of my hesitance regarding sex," she wrote, noting that she and Michael went on a few dates before Michael told her that the two needed to "take a break."Before even Shields, Michael had fallen in love in 1991 with designer Anselmo Feleppa.

In 2007, Michael confessed that: I used to sleep with women quite a lot in the Wham!

days but never felt it could develop into a relationship because I knew that, emotionally, I was a gay man.I didn’t want to commit to them but I was attracted to them. In 2009, he stated that he was depressed in his WHAM!days when he realized he was not bisexual and that he was gay.He remembered: The day after Anselmo passed, my wife Jackie told me she was pregnant.I couldn’t believe the timing, I took this as a sign — as one life leaves, another one arrives.Shields stated that she thought “it was love” because Michael was a “remarkable, respectful and patient gentleman”.

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