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But its implications are mysterious, as its relationship to the far more serious epidemic of obesity.: below her article is a link to one of a growing genre of articles: Why Do Female Authors Dominate Young-Adult Fiction?That’s because we have what psychologists call , or a sequence of events that we typically expect to occur in social situations.

If you believe their reports in aggregate, America is as sick as plague-ridden 14th C Europe (with scores of illnesses afflicting 10-20% of America).

As for the body image problem, it’s certainly serious.

Anorexia is the third most common chronic condition among American adolescents.

The “illness of the month” associations have a long history of exaggeration.

The process repeats until everyone at the event has “dated” each other.

Afterward, the male and female participants let the event organizer know which partners they would like to see again.

“Now they just call and [say] outright, ‘I want a girl.’ These mothers look at their lives and think their daughters will have a bright future their mother and grandmother didn’t have, brighter than their sons, even, so .

It’s not just that women are doing better (that’s a good thing), but that the absolute condition of men is deteriorating.

Imagine that a guy and a girl are at a party, and one approaches the other and strikes up a conversation.

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