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The real cultural focus is on progeny and male children, which a gay relationship makes impossible. As an issue, it is largely invisible to the public.But the couple felt they had reached a plateau, with no way to take their lives to the next level, including marriage and kids. On June 26, 2013, the Supreme Court struck down key parts of the Defense of Marriage Act, forcing the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages that have been approved by the states.

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They lived week-to-week, never making big plans for the future.

They had many friends, including several other gay couples, and an active social life. Despite the steep uphill battle, he felt that something — marriage equality or immigration reform — had to give.

They got married on October 25, 2013, with a small crowd of family and close friends in downtown Annapolis. In two years time, an immigration officer will check in on them again to make sure they’re still together.

These past few months have been one big sigh of relief for the couple. He’s thrilled to be working after the forced time off.

They had no idea how long it would take the government to get their ducks in a row and begin allowing international LGBT couples to apply, but they had a clock ticking down on when Hai would have to leave the country. law firm Masliah & Soloway, the DOMA Project works to stop the breakups of gay and lesbian couples through deportations. Their project has seen cases drag on for decades, during which couples are living apart for years, across continents, struggling for visits let alone weddings, because of DOMA’s restrictions on one partner’s immigration status.

After wading through a sea of documents, they found The DOMA Project. Noemi Masliah and Lavi Soloway, partners at the firm, were both born outside of the U. Attorneys there advised Hill of his options, all of which risked Hai having to move back to China if their paperwork wasn’t properly filed before his tourist visa was up.We will be here until you find that perfect person for you. You’re attracted to someone sitting across the table. That is the stem of its unacceptability in China: a practical, familial consideration to end the family line.They moved in together, sharing a great apartment in Beijing, as well as two cats, then took their first big vacation together to the Philippines. He applied to dozens of jobs in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, all of which have common domestic partner laws that recognize couples who can prove they have lived together for at least one year. At the very least, they thought, they would continue a long-distance relationship while Hill made a plan of action from the U. Hai came with him, intending to visit with Hill’s family for a few weeks, and was granted a six-month tourist visa. DOMA was under review by the Supreme Court at this time, and the couple knew that if the law was repealed, they’d have a shot at filing paperwork and getting married during Hai’s stay. They went on a road trip across the country for a few weeks, a much-needed reprieve from the relentless paperwork and stress. When they were in Vegas after what Hill described as “an exceptionally positive gambling stint,” they bought a ring and officially got engaged.They were both out in their everyday life in the city, not hiding their relationship at work or among peers. On his smartphone, Hill kept a large Evernote file entitled “Mission: Move To Canada,” including hundreds of articles about obtaining a Canadian visa. They couldn’t elope in Nevada — where gay marriage is illegal — and getting married back in Maryland wouldn’t help Hai’s immigration status, but they went forward on the hope that DOMA would be repealed.x Continuing to browse implies that you agree to the use of cookies to measure usage statistics, to provide you with services and offers tailored to your interests, and to enable interactive social platform features including share buttons and content uploading.

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