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Scrat was out in the frozen mountain ranges up north, looking for a place to store his acorn.

Hopping this way and that, Scrat scampered through a patch of dried grass and wandered through the icy fields and patches of snow in the search for a place to bury his acorn for the winter.

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In midair, Scrat embraced his acorn and screamed once more as he looked and found himself free-falling back to the ground.

Scrat slid on a glacier and off a small ledge, loosing his grip on the acorn, before bouncing down hard on the ledges from the mountains and finally back to the ground, where he was pinned down by his sharp teeth.

At some point in his future, Scrat was frozen in ice and survived the ice ages, some twenty thousand years later, washing up in a block of ice on a tropical beach.

Scrat lost his acorn and found a coconut, which he treated the same as his acorn, though in storing it, Scrat started another cataclysm by mistake.

After sinking Scratlantis, Scrat wondered through the landscape with a new acorn in hand. There, he ended up finding a place to finally store his acorn.

Apparently, his acorn ended up powering a UFO that was encased in the ice.

After a good deal of tugging hard at it, Scrat loosened the acorn from the icy ground and fell back, screaming as he saw the glacier coming closer, letting up sharp pieces of ice that moved towards Scrat.

Scrat ran from the ice as the massive glacier rolled after him, sliding through the land.

When the UFO rammed into a giant asteroid, Scrat ended up burying his acorn once again.

As Scrat had finally managed to store his acorn successfully, the asteroid ended up cracking and made it's way towards earth.

Scrat went on fixated with taking his acorn until he met another saber-tooth squirrel named Scratte, who Scrat fell for, forsaking his acorn for a time until he grew to miss it and returned to his acorn, leaving Scratte behind in a world of dinosaurs.

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