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You can then help them report concerns to the police and to the social networking site.

Most of these sites have links for users to report abusive, suspicious, or inappropriate behavior.

For privacy purposes, your kids' screen names should not be the same as their email addresses.

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Using all caps, long rows of exclamation points, or large bolded fonts are the online equivalent of yelling. Suggest that your kids resist the temptation to send a message to everyone on their contact list.

Many social networking sites and chat rooms have adjustable privacy settings, so you can restrict who has access to your kids’ profiles.

Employers, college admissions officers, coaches, teachers, and the police may view your child's posts.

Even if you delete the information from a site, you have little control over older versions that may exist on other people's computers and may circulate online.

Talk to your kids about the importance of these settings, and your expectations for who should be allowed to view their profile.

Set high privacy preferences on your kids' chat and video chat accounts, as well.

Applying real-world judgment can help minimize those risks.

The words kids write and the images they post have consequences offline.

Encourage your kids to think about the impression that screen names can make.

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