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People go there for this alone, and they even order it as takeout. It’s known for bringing in some top touring acts you hear on the radio, both rising stars and classic acts. enjoy the beer garden and hear music at Gazebo Gardens.

This is a great place to take in a bunch of Fresno’s culture at once. It features off-beat, weird entertainment from fringe artists and performers. From spring to fall, there are games at Chukchansi Park, including specialty nights like the popular Taco Truck Throwdown.

But one of the highlights is its annual Dia De Los Muertos art exhibition and processional. Whether it’s Ap Cal and its summer concert series, or one of the many wineries in Madera or Fresno, there is an abundance of homegrown wine to sample in the Valley.

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What better way to feel good than to help someone in need?

These Helping One Woman monthly dinners at a local restaurant let you give back while hanging out with friends for dinner.

Every week The Bee publishes dozens of items on a 20-page print section highlighting things to do near Fresno, and we share it all over social media. Still, I shouldn’t have been surprised when that “nothing to do” sentiment cropped up again a couple weeks ago at a dinner party I attended.

Instead of grumbling about it, I decided to act – to debunk the notion with this list: 52 Things To Do In Or Around Fresno.

The idea is to hop from one gallery to the next to check out the art, meet the artists, listen to music and mingle. I’d suggest riding the Old Town Clovis Trail to Woodward Park to the Eaton Trail. Think about going in spring, when the waterfalls are flowing strong, or in fall, when the trees change color.

You don’t even have to drive yourself; there’s a shuttle from Tower District, Fun Factory in downtown Fresno, and Enjoy The Store in Visalia. Paint-while-you-sip wine events are popping up all over. Several bars host them, including Fresno Pub Quiz on Wednesdays at The Landmark, Sequoia Pub Quiz on Tuesdays, House of Pendragon Pub Quiz on Tuesdays and Geeks Who Drink on Wednesdays at Tioga Sequoia Beer Garden. I love seeing the Valley from the perspective of a bike. This Fulton Mall bar/restaurant is changing the adult entertainment experience in Fresno. It may sound old-fashioned and stodgy, but the hip music director of the Fresno Grand Opera is shaking things up.You can find them at popular restaurants, via Paint Nite, or at established places like Artist In Me, or at some local art studios like Sublime Time and Brush & Easel Gallery. Held on the first (Tower District and downtown Fresno) and third (Fresno metro areas) Thursdays, Art Hop is a tour of local galleries and artists. Local filmmakers create low-budget remakes of popular movies, trailers and TV shows and then get together for laughs and fun. With all the bike trails and routes linked up around Fresno and Clovis, it’s easy to cruise and rack up the miles. It hosts everything from adult coloring nights to lectures to soccer fan meetups and bands and trivia events. First with the bold opera remix shows, and with two more modern shows, “Sweeney Todd” and “Dead Man Walking.” to Yosemite National Park. You live in the fifth-largest city in California and you can’t find anything to do?Maybe I’m shocked because as the entertainment editor of The Bee I’m in the business of knowing what’s going on around Fresno.Located in the attractive atrium, with views of the cascading waterfall, the Lounge is the perfect place to relax with a cocktail.

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