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It’s really difficult to protect our kids, ” Maheshwari said highlighting one of the problems faced by sex workers.

She found that two to three people were living in a small single room, with toilets and bathrooms located outside the accommodation. The workshop – entitled ‘Precarious work – organizing, collective bargaining and trends in the labour law’, also covered topics such as maternity protection, women’s role in the workplace and women in leadership.

Both men and women were interested in learning more about maternal and parental leave.

We held an opinion survey on the pros and cons of legalizing prostitution in Sri Lanka.

Maheshwari, Co-president of the Center for Sex Worker’s Rights (CSWR) says sex workers are just suppliers for a centuries -old market.

If women are loitering on the road, if they appear to be seducing and showing signs of prostitution, the Police can arrest them, but their interpretation could vary.

“Now, the arresting has become habitual for Police and sex workers as well.It is said that most of the sex workers are found in Negombo, Galle and Fort.What Maheshwari wants above all is social acceptance. Prostitution is not a crime, but people consider it a crime and unethical because all the time it is attached with social stigma. If prostitution is legalized, prostitutes will become known and visiting them will decrease as everyone will know so and so.No historical evidence has been found on prostitution here. Prostitution is an existing social problem in this commercial society, which is connected with economics, politics and crimes. Cambodia, Malaysia and Laos are among the few countries that had legalized it.“If prostitution is to be legalized here in Sri Lanka, we have to take it into immediate consideration before the government approves of it. In my point of view, there should be a developed public opinion on this highly controversial issue.At least they will be open to good health care practices.

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