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His efforts to provide authentic Chinese cuisine have been successful.

The restaurant, called Tian Tan, is popular and frequently highlighted in guidebooks.

For some people in China, the Cuban government’s emphasis on Chinese culture has opened a pathway into Cuba.

Tao Yan, who came from Shanghai in 1996 at the age of 32, said he was drawn into Cuba by its financial and cultural opportunities.

Many of the Chinese intermarried with Cubans and opened restaurants and small businesses, including Chinese-language newspapers and theaters.

After the government completed the process of mass nationalization in 1968, almost all of these Chinese left, and their businesses closed. He came to Havana with his father in 1942 and now lives in a run-down retirement home in Chinatown. ” he asked slowly in Cantonese, a dialect once commonly spoken in this neighborhood.

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China also supports the Confucius Institute, where Cubans may take free lessons in Mandarin, taught by teachers from Beijing.

China’s impact on the Cuban economy is immediately visible. Most new vehicles on the streets are made by Geely and Yutong, both Chinese brands.

“There are even fewer new immigrants like me.” Tao Yan’s status as a Chinese citizen allows him to return to China to buy ingredients that are not accessible in Cuba.

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