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In one scene, he dozed at his computer monitor as she also went to sleep (he aimed one of his cameras on himself).His voyeuristic sessions included watching her showering and masturbating with her hair brush handle late one night - as he masturbated at his own monitor from a safe distance.The sweaty, panting and flabby pervert saw that she had an emotional reaction to two lovers on the grass, and realized that she was his next vulnerable prey.

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The shocking and riveting film ended on an even more disturbing note - the next winter, Doug was at it again, hunting down another female. But over the years, it's become somewhat less political.

It told about how Southern California drug dealer Johnny Truelove (Emile Hirsch), after being double-crossed in a deal by Jake Mazursky (Ben Foster), impulsively kidnapped Jake’s naive 15 year-old half-brother, Zack (Anton Yelchin), and took him to Palm Springs to be held as ransom. And uh, now, it's uh, just some sort of Roman orgy, which I'm down with, by the way. This is about showing the world your youthful exuberance, and your unabashed commitment to higher learning, and having fun while you're doing it, which is where the naked part comes in.

Amy was so overjoyed that she began to passionately make out with Doug, but he experienced impotency.

She realized things weren't quite right and asked him to leave.

Eventually, he found an opportunity to kill Jennifer by bashing her over the head in the park on a rainy night.

Another manufactured disaster was set up when he stole Amy's dog and then after a few days returned it.Drunken, misanthropic, and cynical artist Jimmy (Jim Broadbent), an embittered graduate, had returned to the campus, and was living in a nearby tenement slum. He even asked Jerome at one point: "Are you a great artist when it comes to fellatio?" By film's end, Jimmy was discovered to be the serial killer, who was creating violent paintings that revealed details of the crimes.But you should all just revel in the glory of being seen as the people you are." The film's basic plot was an innocently sappy love story about two virgins (Erik Stifler (John White) and Tracy Sterling (Jessy Schram)) who eventually discovered that they were right for each other, although at one point next to a pool table, Erik was threatened with seduction and the loss of his virginity by a topless Brandy.The film featured various forms of anal and oral sex, bodily functions and defecation, nudity, an explosive electronic genital stimulator, and graphic language.Canadian writer/director Eric Nicholas' disturbing and creepy low-budget suspense thriller was about the invasion of privacy and voyeurism.

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