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i just love the way you wear it just represent the love that we got.

and as for those who doesn't have anything to say it wise to just zip up your mouth.

I honestly think many especially europeans can not copy your tradition - most of them are very fat and not attractive when naked (men and women) blame it on fast food etc. Other africans hidding behind their religions to critize the Swazi should tell me how Adam and Eve looked like.

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I have enjoyed learning about the culture and peopl of Swaziland. It is great to see a land in Africa, not depicted as barren and in desolation. Your American, sister/I am a swazi and a diciplined man.

I am currently 30years of age but my father only know two woman that I brought home since I started dating.

I wonder if yuo know your own nationality We swazis do and we have the pictures to prove . You do not know where you come from or where you are going.

learn English first then maybe learn respect and culture lastly.

Serio y honesto, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros.

Me dirijo a todos, el dependiente de la tienda a la estructura Financiera, camino a los funcionarios, etc ........I'm 21 and I've been participating in the reed dance for the past 5yrs, I am proud!!!!!!If anyone of you have any questions then you can ask me 1st hand: [email protected] will answer any question.- También para los inversores que deseen comerciante el retorno de su [email protected] saludos My name is Elias Siphelele Mashwama born in South Africa but a true swazi born from both swazi parent.The Princesses wear red feathers in their hair.( Swazis are a proud, wonderfully friendly nation and Swaziland is a beautiful country to visit.

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