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I can't really explain it I just think pregnant women are sexy.

I found them to look really nice and I thought to have sex with one would be awesome.

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fortunately, there's not a lot of activity in a diner at 2 in the afternoon, so we got to chat a... The baby daddy told me it was "too weird" having sex with me pregnant, because all he could think about was the baby. I have an older daughter who I concieved normally but split with her father when I was pregnant and... i love it so much beacuse 1st i feel the **** so much better and 2 i already have sum1s *** in my womb and now sum1s gonna pump more into me i always try to have sex w the same guy who got me preg so i can have 2 babys in my womb... Huge pregnant belly, great milky breast, and a nice round ***. She did this thing called a belly roll, where she could control and move every muscle in... And Im with some one who isn't attracted to me since becoming rounder. I really love pregnant sex so much so much that my hubby loves it too! Hubby wants to be on top of me because he say he can put in more force that way. Although my wife hasn't really wanted it when she was pregnant, I have never been hornier then when she was pregnant.

I once had the lucky break to be able to date a pregnant girl who was already 8 months along. I'm currrently 8months pregnant now and am still doing sex with my hubby on every alternate days. I want some one who want to hold and suck on my full tender breast. Love the belly and ****, and would give anything to constantly **** her when she is pregnant.

I know, it might have been planned where the desire for a baby defines everything. In any case, it means she's had a **** in her, or at least plenty enough... I have a great marriage but my husband is a workaholic who is out of town on business at like 4 or 5 days a week.. I am totally missing out on all the great pregnancy sex and there is only so much I can do to myself! one rainy day a woman in her 7th month came into my diner feeling very down about her looks, and wanting a big plate of hashbrowns. I got pregnant through a fertility clinic as a single woman.

i thought she looked sexy as hell, and told her so. I see all these women with their husbands and I'm honestly jealous. I am 5 months going into my 6th month of pregnancy and my hormones have been crazy. I think about sucking on a nice hard **** or feeling it slide in and out of my wet ***** almost every minute. I wasn't interested in sex with guys (I'm Bi but tend to lean more towards women).

Well I gotta say I did something naughty this Christmas and felt it was worth writing up for Exp Project.

:) It on Christmas day after my daughter Anzella, opened her gifts from Santa.

Now that I'm pregnant I swear that feeling of needing. My fiance is all about pregnant sex but unfortunately our schedules conflict and we miss out.

I swear i have to tell him 50 times a day hoe much I need it and whenever we actually do... Pregnancy is like the symbol of a **** -- she obviously puts out and got knocked up.

I do enjoy being a bit affectionate in my messages so if you are ok with that hit me up! Sadly, hubby lost interest once my beautiful belly got too big, but as long as I was able to please myself, I was doing it whenever I got horny, sometimes 4 or 5 times...

I would love to talk with you~ I guess it my weakness but i find pregnant sex to be the best and i wish that i could have sex with a pregnant women 24/7.

Brandon made his usual visit, since I had gotten pregnant after our group camping trip he... At 1st I lived with my 35 yr old boyfriend, but he lived in a van and we fought all the time.

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