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Sorin is supporting Kahuki to represent a con that supposedly dumped him, and use the RMFC name for threats.

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Surely those named in the letter for suffering damage (including RMFC and BLFC) couldn’t be genuinely connected to Kendal/Kahuki’s threat! Deo asked BLFC and they said they had nothing to do with it, but the letter was official.

She contacted Sorin, chair of RMFC: Sorin is fully aware of this (it’s confirmed from other sources too.) This isn’t just a felon pretending to have legal authority to intimidate critics with fake “Sovereign Citizen” language.

Deo didn’t contact the hotel or police in Colorado.

I was told of consulting local jurisdiction about her safety but they wouldn’t pursue net activity. Following her report, she seems to be the first person to ever get banned from the con. When your eyes recover, get ready for an article series. Here’s the response letter Deo got after she reported the threat: Deo says: “When I got the letter I was worried, scared.

Deo, a steelworker in the midwest, was upset about the trolls. It was a rhetorical comment in line with the patriotic spirit of entire generations of Americans since WWII. Deo gave an accurate quote of emailing the con only.

They were ruining what the furry community represents to her. It was lumped with “hotel” the con was in, an editing error referencing the quote and email I saw.

Or the legal gibberish on his FA profile where he claims to be a “self taught law student.” Or his “official” ID which is something special to behold. Poke around in the public directory to find stuff concerned with 9/11 trutherism, the “flat earth”, so-called alternative physics, or this collection of photos of dolphin genitalia. I’ve been so blessed to be a part of it, I love this fandom.

Most of my friends are furries, and without those friends I’d be lost.” Stay tuned for the next parts, when Dogpatch Press covers even more news tied to fascist furries.

This report, with participation of many concerned Colorado furries, is not to sensationalize the fringe so media can mischaracterize the rest.

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