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He turned his head and breathed deeply, savoring the smell of her juices as he nuzzled her softly. " Elisabeth said as she thrust her hand in her panties.

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Seth got up and went over to stand behind Elisabeth, he pulled her hair back, kissed her neck, and whispered in her ear, "Are you ready? She pushed her ass against the bedpost, her hands wrapped around the ball.

Somewhere down the hall, she heard a door open and close. " The stranger put his hand on the inside of Liz's thigh.

She looked him in the eye and moved her hips seductively, daring him to grab her hard and squeeze and probe between her thighs. Seth put his hands on Liz's shoulders and pulled them back, thrusting her breasts forward. He stood and admired her hard swollen nipples pointing out over her bra. Seth didn't need to hold her shoulders back anymore. He put a hand between her legs and, cupping her moist mound, he lifted her slightly. "Rub your pussy on the bedpost." ordered the stranger. She stood up and put her mound against the bedpost, rubbing up and down.

Liz pushed her chest out, inviting the stranger to pinch and pull her nipples harder. Liz moved her hips, enjoying the pressure of his strong hand.

Then she turned so they could see the profile of her full breasts and hard nipples. I want to do wicked things for you and pleasure you in any way you want." Liz turned her back to the men and ran her hands over her ass, then slapped it hard. " "Go to the bed, one foot on the floor, your other leg kneeling on the bed so your pussy is on the edge." commanded the stranger.

She played with her nipples as she coyly smiled at them. " she said as she cupped her breasts, lifted them and let them fall, emphasizing their soft fullness. Seth put both of his hands on Liz's breast and squeezed tight, making her nipple protrude enticingly. " As the men continued, she reached down and ran her hands over their hard cocks and let out little moans of pleasure. Liz again moved in closer to the men and pushed her hips out toward them. " Liz again walked back and forth in front of them, caressing her body as she continued talking. She let out little moans as she squeezed and spanked, rhythmically moving her hips side to side.

Elisabeth moaned and moved faster and faster, pressing her aching pussy hard against the post. She moaned and let the hot sperm drip down her chin as she licked her lips. that was nice." Liz purred as she rubbed the men's come on her breasts.

At the same moment, Her other partner jerked his hips and came onto Liz's waiting tongue and in her mouth.

She held her breasts again and moved closer to the men, bending over to give them a closer look as she kneaded them and teased her nipples. Liz looked from one to the other as they devoured her breasts.

Elisabeth leaned in close between Seth and the stranger.

" She cradled her breasts in her hands and played with her nipples as she spoke.

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