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The main station that’s up next is in such a tight space that the hospital let reporters squeeze in briefly to see it and its vintage circuit breakers before getting us out again quickly.Fraser’s a sturdily built guy and Kendall kept asking him not to brush against things. Maintenance, facilities, janitorial services,” said Naqvi, the MPP for Ottawa Centre.The old Civic hospital campus is on life support, kept going by regular infusions of money for near-emergency repairs.

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That, in turn, is most of the $8.8 million all Ottawa’s hospitals are sharing for this kind of work.

It’s all deeply unsexy: new windows, boilers, ventilation, roofs.

After that, the century-old Civic could be repurposed, drastically renovated, maybe demolished.

This is an expensive short-term fix, but one that’s necessary because choosing a new site took so long.

After years of squabbling over just where the new campus will go, the planning is moving along quickly, said Joanne Read, the hospital’s vice-president for planning and support services. You can change the engine in the car so many times, but at one point the body just starts to wear out.

We’ve been doing that with this for 50 years,” Read said.

“The reason the Ottawa Hospital decides to do events like these in boiler rooms, electrical rooms like this one, is to make the case for why we need a new hospital building as soon as possible,” said Naqvi, only half joking.

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