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would love to chat with some you freaky women out there.let me know what you would do, if you had me locked up.I like to explore my kinky side both verbally and physically, but she will not indulge my desires. I have found a freaky friend to talk to, my friends wife.

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She got off 11 times then told me I won't be getting any. I am into having t-girls.sissyboys, Doms and Mistress as friends so to me a lot of them I don't consider freaky..don't think some are freakky but some of the other ones well I doubt their sanity and what they do seems like I do draw unusal acquintances and...

Lets be honest having someone you can talk openly about everything sexual would be great.

Then she picked up my hips and put a pillow under me. I am locked up in a chastity device buy my fiance as we speak.

I'm going on day 2 right now and have no idea how much longer I have to be locked up.

But none can compare to society's way it deals with age. guys if u r looking for some real fun..i'm a bisexual male..i can please men and women both..i even do crossdressing sometimes,,especially i love wearing saree and i wish there could be a men to take it off,, grab me from behind and kiss all over my body PS: i don't have male...

Once a very, very popular guy, I am not a sort of pariah because I am over 60. The first time i was taken i was not actually willing. we started playing bondage games and i was tied face down on the bed.first she started spanking me.

I would love to find someone who would not judge my desires and likes but would actually like to join in the discussion on how to make it happen or to give their take, on what they found...

I'd love to have a friend to talk to about sexual stuff that I would never dream of admitting to anyone because I know they would probably think I was a total freak!

It would be nice to have a girl/guy friend who wanted to talk about things they've done or want to do. PS when i say taboo I mean some are very very taboo.

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