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They sort of debated about whether the release of Marc Emery would help or hinder Trudeau in the lead up to the 2015 election. Rutherford, a daily commentary, airs weekdays on 660News at am, pm, and pm.

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There times where both K&K let off Carra, Nenshi, Mc Iver, and even Farrell pretty easily, and then pondered the hard hitting question after the interview was over.

They don't go for the jugular like Rutherford did, and instead save it for the after discussion, which leaves the audience wondering how it would have been answered, but instead we then have to listen to Rogers speculation how it would have been handled.

So over the years, his talent and intelligence led him to more and more of a frame of mind that fit a daily talk show.

When Rutherford was booted from AM770 for being too outspoken of their ignoring the status of the floods, Roger was able to jump on a "once in a lifetime opportunity" to host a daily talk show with an established audience in his home province.

To fellow 770 listeners: I've been an avid listener to 770 for the last 15 years or so, and was wondering what other 770 listeners think of the new talk show?

When I heard of the change, I honestly thought it would suck. Roger is an unbiased guy that goes above single issues to see the bigger picture. Rob Breakenridge is similar to Roger, but Rob drags out his point far too long.I listened to Roger's departure show and you could tell it was the end of an era.This turned in to a bit of a rant, but I've really liked X92.9 since they arrived on New Years Eve in 2007 to rescue the radio scene in Calgary. I do like Roger but I find he tends to go a bit too far in his rants, to the point of making ridiculous arguments and it makes me cringe.On the few times Kelly disagrees with Roger, Roger politely puts her argument through the wringer.I guess CHQR was thinking of some sort of marketing equality by having a female on the show.I love listening to it just so I can go "what the fuck? Old White Conservatives are so out of touch, its hilarious.

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