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She apologizes and tells him she did want to be there but had to do something else.

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In the music room, Frankie and Jonah are doing a rehearsal with Peter and Sav Bhandari for the school song.

Sav and Peter bail on Frankie after they learn she did the gorilla drawing.

He then makes Frankie an offer to volunteer at a teen addiction center and Frankie rejects.

Jonah tells her she's a loss cause and spoiled, which displeases her.

Jonah tells her she should just go talk to her friends about it and then Frankie kisses him and attempts to walk away.

Jonah stops her and they continue to passionately kiss.Later In the gym, Jonah is at Frankie's volleyball game to support her.In #Check Your Privilege, At school, Jonah tries to kiss Frankie but she pulls back before sitting down in her own seat.Jonah tells Frankie she needs to leave so he can practice.Instead of leaving, Frankie opens up to him about the difficulties she's been dealing with in her life, and about how she feels as though she has no one to confide in.Frankie told him about the problems she was having in her life, and Jonah told her that she had no real problems, and invited her to help kids with real problems, which she agreed to do, but blew-off.

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