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Thus the Broadway/Chiswick dynasty that had effectively reigned since the days of the General came to an abrupt end.

All new brooms like to be seen to sweep clean, even if some of the items thus discarded are of benefit.

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I think that they might have been delivered new in this style, but normally were repainted without relief.

As to how/where preservationists find them now, that’s a mystery.

No doubt wheel trims were seen as a superfluous irrelevance.

The Country Bus and Coach department, which was handed over to the National Bus Company, had no obligation to follow the same path.

I used to travel daily on Country Bus RTs from Godstone and East Grinstead and they all had the plain green discs, except one particular bus (don’t ask me which one).

This had the raised circle, mid way between the middle and the perimeter picked out in polished aluminium.As far as I know, they were never fitted to the later “off the peg” designs operated in London.A quick look through my own slides and negatives reveals no RF/RT/RM family example without the trims, but, on the internet, I have spotted one picture of an RT lacking these fittings whilst still in LT service.So it seems that I may have got my wires crossed with my previous suggestion.I confess to have not thought about this feature before, but I cannot recall ever noting a bus of the RF, RT or RM family in service without those smart rear wheel trims.And – whilst on wheels – how different (and awful) are/were AECs and Leylands running without their nuts-rings on the front wheels! With the covers it was harder to see if the wheel(s) was falling off. I seem to remember reading somewhere (though please correct me if I’m wrong) that a rear wheel trim disc once came off an LT bus whilst at speed and caused someone a serious injury, resulting in their immediate removal from the entire fleet.

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