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To the contrary, your typical western man would severely question their masculinity and sexuality.

For example, we could hardly stifle a giggle when our male taxi driver proudly stated that he loved to do baking in his spare time.

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Nevertheless, in Malaysia gender categories, once again, seem to be set in stone.

But seeing with my own eyes how much gender categories can differ, I now know that gender categories are much more fluid than one would think. Bloggers without Borders is a platform where people can continually find background news.

Both transsexuals are quite normal in Filipino city life.

I searched the internet for what the sociological explanation is to this, but found no satisfying answers.

Also, whereas a visit to a Filipino barber shop would make a man brought up in the west doubt his sexuality, this is not the case for Filipino men.

A haircut can easily go together with a manicure pedicure.

I soon learned that this was not the only peculiarity of Filipino gender relations.

In the country where divorces are prohibited and polygamy even more so, numerous men exclaimed that even though they did have a wife or a girlfriend, they would like another one.

Maybe since gender categories are more blurred this allows transsexuals to be more open about their true selves than in Europe? Even though I prefer the Filipino gender roles over the Indonesian ones, I am not saying that the one culture is better than the other.

Even though transsexuals are able to be more open, they do lead a marginalized existence as there are many cases of sexually related violence towards transsexuals in the Philippines.

I personally hate cutting my nails, so I don’t blame them one bit.

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