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The extension Text Contrast for Dark Themes sets the other color as needed to maintain contrast.

Another workaround is to explicitly set standard colors for all web pages in when you will be trying to open content dedicated to that plugin on the web.

For general enhancements see Firefox/Tweaks, for privacy related enhancements see Firefox/Privacy. See Network configuration#Local network hostname resolution on how to set it up. Firefox has a setting which determines how many replacements it will allow from fontconfig.

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can be any language code, such as de, ja, fr, etc.). Firefox is well known for its large library of add-ons which can be used to add new features or modify the behavior of existing features of Firefox.

You can find new add-ons or manage installed add-ons with Firefox's "Add-ons Manager." For a list of popular add-ons, see Mozilla's add-on list sorted by popularity. Search engines can be added to Firefox through normal add-ons, see this page for a list of available search engines.

One drawback of the above approach is that it is not applied system-wide.

Furthermore, this is not useful as a "pre-configuration", since the profile directory is created after first launch of the browser.

This can be fixed by having at least one dictionary installed as a Firefox plugin.

Notice that now you will also have a tab Dictionaries in add-ons.If your add-on is distributed on addons.(AMO), it's been checked by an automated compatibility verification tool.Add-ons that don't use APIs that changed in Firefox 8, and have no binary components (which need to be recompiled for every major Firefox release), have automatically been updated on AMO to indicate that they work in Firefox 8.This problem often appears with the official Adobe Flash Player plugin which has been upgraded while Firefox was still running.The solution is to remove the file , Firefox might not remember your default dictionary language settings.The reason stems from the use of the middle mouse buttons in UNIX-like operating systems.

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